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About us

You have reached North Mountain Brewing Company located at the base of North Mountain in North Central Phoenix.

North Mountain Brewing Company is a family-style restaurant, microbrewery/brewpub located in the North Central Phoenix corridor in the foothills of North Mountain facing the downtown Phoenix Skyline.

Our goal is to provide a place for you to relax, laugh with friends and family, and enjoy some of North Mountain Brewing’s “Beer-Centric” food menu, delicious microbrewery beers, and specialty drinks!

With an open floor plan reminiscent of a classic beer garden and a decor theme dedicated to the history of brewing and beer, North Mountain Brewing Company is destined to be Phoenix’s most fulfilling Beer-Centric Experience!

A Beer-Centric Experience

North Mountain Brewing is a part of a great local community of local brewers and home-brewers who share a passion for beer, beer cuisine, drinking beer, and especially BREWING BEER!

The North Mountain Brewing Company Philosophy

The North Mountain Brewing Company is located in Sunnyslope, a small town north of Phoenix, Arizona. Our inspiration comes from the public houses of Colonial America and Britannia, mixed with the spirit of the iconic beer halls of Europe. With a modern interpretation, this decidedly American establishment gives beer drinkers a new place to call “Home.” Our decor, motif, theme, and state-of-mind revolve around brewing, the history of brewing, and how the wonderful creation of beer has brought many societies together and helped to create a sense of “community.”

What a great concept! A festive gathering hall where the entire town is welcome to enjoy great tasting beer, food, fun, and the company of its fellow neighbors.

Beer-Centric Food

Our menu centers around Classic Beer Foods of the World such as “Fish & Chips,” “Poutine,” and other culturally accepted beer cuisines. The concept of “Beer Food” has a long delicious history, and we keep our menu as Beer-Centric as possible.

What is Beer-Centric?
beer-centric \ ‘bier-‘sen-trik \ adj.
1. pertaining to, or originating in, an experience centered on beer
2. the use of beer as an inspirational medium
3. a beer-infused philosophy

Rob has decided to let our chefs take control of their seasonal mood swings by allowing them to be impulsive and creative at the same time. You never know when there might be a smoked sausage special, goulash, or braised beef and potatoes special.

To keep up with our dynamic menu, and other seasonal specials available at North Mountain Brewing Company, you are going to want to visit us regularly.

Handcrafted, Delicious BEER!

North Mountain Brewing Company brews beer!
And that is what we love to do.
North Mountain Brewing Company’s main goal is to become your favorite local brewpub. A place that you love to visit, and enjoy the freshly brewed beer that we strive to brew to perfection.
Some of the beers we will be offering are traditional pale ales, hefeweizens, summer ales, and hearty porters. To see what beers are currently on tap at North Mountain Brewing, click here.
During the course of the year, we will have special brews that reflect the seasons and especially… the holidays!
We hope to see you soon.
The North Mountain Brewing Company is a locally owned family-operated business, founded by Phoenix area native Rob Berkner who shares a passion for the Arizona desert culture and the art of craft-beer brewing. Rob and his wife Candy are proud to bring their interpretation of the history and art of a traditional brew-pub.